Literary Stars

Meet Our Stories

After two years of pedagogical work, the progress of the project allowed us to have 70 Wayuu children create their stories of life, community and culture in written and illustrated form. With the support of the Brazilian publishing house Estante Mágica, we managed to publish our first edition of bilingual stories in Spanish and Wayuunaiki, in physical and digital form. This has served to break cultural patterns and stereotypes, showing that the community can have an exponential social advance if they have the necessary educational tools, allowing them to explore the creativity and talent of this new generation.


Women Leaders

Since the formulation and conception of the project, the female presence has been on the leadership and management role within the Wayúu community in la Guajira and the management in Bogotá. For this reason, we are interested in participating in academic spaces of formation and training, especially in pedagogy that allow them to highlight and strengthen their capacities, through forums and workshops, also through the attendance of the leaders to spaces of high level formal education, in which they are not only educated in the last tendencies of pedagogy, but from the ethno-education they can tell their experience in classrooms and auditoriums.



We have a team of professionals in various fields of study, who impart their knowledge through workshops and forums of collective participation not only for children, but also for teenagers and adults, so that the community may have an integral growth.